Weight Loss Wednesday – Week…10?

So I’m a slacker. I skipped Weight Loss Wednesday last week, because I was exhausted. By the time we got home after group, I made my lunch for the following day, had a shower, and I was done. I did manage to lose another 2 lbs, which put me at 166 as of last week, for 17.4 lbs down total. There’s no group this week because the clinic staff are all at a conference, but my home scale puts me at 165, which is a 1 lb loss and 18.4 lbs overall. That is largely because I pigged out a bit over the weekend. June 18th was my dad’s birthday and the 19th was Father’s Day, so we had a combo celebration. There was pizza and wings and cake, and I’m not even a little bit sorry.

I also did nothing over the weekend because Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black dropped on June 17th, and I spent the weekend binge-watching that, with interruptions for my dad’s party and to see Finding Dory on Sunday morning. Not sorry about any of that either.

Progress is slowing down, and I’m trying to remind myself to be careful with what I eat. I scheduled my first fitting for my wedding dress for July 30, so I have another six or seven weeks to fit into my dress. I’m going to my parents’ this weekend to visit and to try on the dress and see where we’re at. I have confidence that if it doesn’t fit this weekend, it’ll be damn close.

My clothes are starting to not fit in a big way. Last week I put on an outfit that I used to love, but I felt self-conscious all day (and very grateful to hide in my cube) because I felt like I was wearing a baggy burlap sack. Frankly, I felt dumpy. I’m hesitant to buy too many new things yet because I still have another 15 lbs or so to lose, but I did shop smart today. Old Navy was having a 30% off online sale, so I picked out a new cardigan, two skirts, and two tops (that all pretty much go together). I also got another 30% off coupon for registering with the website, which they let me use, and because my original order amount was more than $50, I got free shipping. That means that I added five new pieces to my wardrobe, such as it is, for $46! At roughly $9.20 per item, I won’t be super sad if it doesn’t fit me for more than a few months.

Here’s hoping it all fits now, though!


Leventry by the numbers

Leventry, finished June 5, 2016

Pattern: Leventry, by Sarah Jordan [my Ravelry project page]

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Worsted Merino Superwash Solids in 1000 White; Tess’ Designer Yarn Superwash Merino in Turquoise; Fiber Optic Yarns Merino Sport in Vitamin C Batik

Needles: US 5, Knit Picks nickel-plated interchangeables; 56 inches of cable + connector

Started: November 12, 2015

Finished: June 5, 2016

Total Time Elapsed: 6 months, 23 days

Total Time Lost Due to Broken Elbow: 1 month, 21 days

Total Yardage Used: 816 yards

Yarn Usage by Color: White – 545 yards (2.5 skeins or 8.82 oz); Turquoise – 252 yards (0.45 skeins or 3.56 oz); Orange – 19.6 yards (0.7 skeins or 0.25 oz)

Number of Stitches in the Bind-Off Row: 389

Hours to Complete Picot Bind-Off: About 4.5

Dimensions: 56 inches across the top, 27 inches down the spine (unblocked)

Number of Ends to Weave In: 20

Number of Days Until I Can Wear It at Our Wedding: 159

#fivethingsFriday – late AF edition

How is it 10:00 PM already?! I got out of work at 2 and have accomplished very little, aside from a nap, making dinner, and doing some housecleaning. I had intended to do this as a video again, but at this time of night…let’s just say I have my “no” face on.

This week’s five things are much more random than last week’s, but here we go.

  • I’m binding off my wedding shawl! Picot binding looks pretty, but it takes a dog’s age to finish. Based on how long it took me to finish the small section I’ve completed, I have another…oh…five hours of binding off ahead of me.

There are 389 stitches on the needle. For this picot bind-off, you CO 2 and bind off 4. Yeah. It’s gonna take a while.

  • I’m also working on my Ravenclaw socks! I’m ready to put the heel on sock #2. The nine-inch ChiaoGoo circs I bought (US 1 and US 0; I’m using the 1 for the socks) are pretty fabulous. I have tiny little hands so I don’t get the cramping that many knitters have complained about, and based on my Ravelry notes, they cut 2 days off my knitting time on the foot. The only downside I can see so far is that it’s difficult to try on the sock to assess fit on the nine-inch circs, so if I’m making something where I’m concerned about the fit, it’ll probably be best to start on Magic Loop.
  • I’ve been slacking off blogging about riding, but my lessons have been going pretty well! Still struggling with the diagonals, but my canter is getting worlds better. I have a lesson tomorrow, so I’ll try to do a post maybe tomorrow evening or Sunday, but in the meantime, isn’t Cinnamon the best looking horse (with the most pissed off face) you’ve ever seen?

Things I could eat with a spoon: this horse. Sweetface.

  • This week I learned that I’m not going to be able to cook properly until after my bridal shower (which is apparently in October). First it was the cauliflower/food processor disaster. This week, I tried to make garlic cloud bread, but I couldn’t get the egg whites beaten enough to hold peaks. It took me half an hour to get them beaten as well as I did with just a fork. It ended up being runnier than it should have, but it baked up enough to be edible. Of course, I realized after I’d already eaten dinner and cleaned up that we actually own a whisk and that might have been helpful. Looking forward to hopefully receiving a few kitchen tools (like a chopper and a hand beater) at my shower so I can cook like an adult.
  • Speaking of wedding things, we’re getting close – almost five months out, or as my wedding registry page puts it, 161 days to go. I’m suddenly realizing all the little things I haven’t been bothered to worry about. I need to decide if I’m going Spanx or no Spanx and decided on shoes so I can schedule a dress fitting. We need to order wedding bands. We need to figure out what suits the guys are wearing. So many decisions!