#fivethingsFriday – late AF edition

How is it 10:00 PM already?! I got out of work at 2 and have accomplished very little, aside from a nap, making dinner, and doing some housecleaning. I had intended to do this as a video again, but at this time of night…let’s just say I have my “no” face on.

This week’s five things are much more random than last week’s, but here we go.

  • I’m binding off my wedding shawl! Picot binding looks pretty, but it takes a dog’s age to finish. Based on how long it took me to finish the small section I’ve completed, I have another…oh…five hours of binding off ahead of me.

There are 389 stitches on the needle. For this picot bind-off, you CO 2 and bind off 4. Yeah. It’s gonna take a while.

  • I’m also working on my Ravenclaw socks! I’m ready to put the heel on sock #2. The nine-inch ChiaoGoo circs I bought (US 1 and US 0; I’m using the 1 for the socks) are pretty fabulous. I have tiny little hands so I don’t get the cramping that many knitters have complained about, and based on my Ravelry notes, they cut 2 days off my knitting time on the foot. The only downside I can see so far is that it’s difficult to try on the sock to assess fit on the nine-inch circs, so if I’m making something where I’m concerned about the fit, it’ll probably be best to start on Magic Loop.
  • I’ve been slacking off blogging about riding, but my lessons have been going pretty well! Still struggling with the diagonals, but my canter is getting worlds better. I have a lesson tomorrow, so I’ll try to do a post maybe tomorrow evening or Sunday, but in the meantime, isn’t Cinnamon the best looking horse (with the most pissed off face) you’ve ever seen?

Things I could eat with a spoon: this horse. Sweetface.

  • This week I learned that I’m not going to be able to cook properly until after my bridal shower (which is apparently in October). First it was the cauliflower/food processor disaster. This week, I tried to make garlic cloud bread, but I couldn’t get the egg whites beaten enough to hold peaks. It took me half an hour to get them beaten as well as I did with just a fork. It ended up being runnier than it should have, but it baked up enough to be edible. Of course, I realized after I’d already eaten dinner and cleaned up that we actually own a whisk and that might have been helpful. Looking forward to hopefully receiving a few kitchen tools (like a chopper and a hand beater) at my shower so I can cook like an adult.
  • Speaking of wedding things, we’re getting close – almost five months out, or as my wedding registry page puts it, 161 days to go. I’m suddenly realizing all the little things I haven’t been bothered to worry about. I need to decide if I’m going Spanx or no Spanx and decided on shoes so I can schedule a dress fitting. We need to order wedding bands. We need to figure out what suits the guys are wearing. So many decisions!

#fivethingsFriday – Week 3

  1. Overtime sucks and I’m tired of it.
  2. Housework and dieting also suck, and I’m tired of those too.
  3. I did manage to put a heel on a sock this week. That’s about all of the knitting that got done. Because of the way the project at work is scheduled and my new role in it (I’m basically supervising a team of about sixteen people for quality control), I get a half-hour lunch, which is barely enough time to walk to the cafeteria and eat. My work knitting time has vanished.
  4. One of the nose pads on my glasses has mysteriously gone missing. It’s either in/around my bed (from having fallen asleep with my glasses on literally every night this week) or in the arena dirt at the barn from my bail last week.
  5. This morning Meat Loaf’s “I’d Do Anything For Love” popped up on my iPod – the full album version, all twelve minutes of it. I always forget how much I love that song until I hear it out of nowhere. It was my first musical love, and my first single, which I bought on cassette (because I’m that old) for my tenth birthday. That means that as of Monday, I will have loved that song for twenty-two years. Musical loyalty is real. I could almost be a Hufflepuff, except I’m too judgmental.

#fivethingsfriday – Week 2

  1. I hate the word “excerpt”. Hate it. I have been staring at it all day at work and it looks imbalanced and wrong, and it sounds…pointy.
  2. I have synesthesia, so that might explain some of my irrationally violent feelings regarding words and the weird ways in which I describe them. Even though most of my synesthesia is sound-color, I also see words “typed out” in my head when people say them (and also I tend to verbally spell interesting words when I hear someone use them), and particularly irritating words have qualities. Like pointy.
  3. I am two rows away from the border on my wedding shawl, and about three rows away from my first Fish Lips Kiss heel on my sock.
  4. After work, I cleaned the bathroom, made dinner, cleaned up dinner, did a load of laundry, and scrubbed Bailey’s cage. I’m really quite tired.
  5. Because it seems timely this week, my favorite Prince song is “Raspberry Beret,” with a “Little Red Corvette” as a close second, largely because Stevie Nicks has said that she wrote “Stand Back” (my favorite Stevie song) to sort of fit into the melody. And you know what? IT’S TOTALLY TRUE.

#fivethingsFriday – Week 1

Ohhh I love these. Lists are perfect for the way my brain works.

  1. Oh my god, I am so effing hungry. I’ve just started a new weight loss plan and I am assured that this shall pass. That said, right now, I feel like I could kill a man in cold blood for a pizza. (Update: it’s now 10:15 PM and I’ve eaten some dinner and a yogurt and I’m hungry but not starving. I would now only assault a man for a pizza.)
  2. This morning when I left, I gathered my stuff, yelled a goodbye to Bailey, and walked down the stairs. Or, at least, I started to. I made it down three steps before I heard B say, “Stop!” Turns out I’d forgotten to turn on his light and give him a kiss goodbye. On the one hand, I’m the worst bird-mom ever. On the other hand, my parrot is so smart.
  3. Riding tomorrow! A video about riding lazy or unresponsive horses popped up in my YouTube feed yesterday, and of course I watched it because Cinnamon is both. Feeling armed and ready to make the spotty-butt pony work tomorrow.
  4. The power went out today at work for about 10 minutes. I held my breath and prayed it wouldn’t turn back on. Sadly, it did. I work for one of the largest educational testing companies in the business, and my office is situated on a fairly large campus. We have generators. I’m pretty sure another hurricane could hit and we’d continue to work. I’d rather not test the theory, but it’s a distinct possibility.
  5. My birthday is in about two weeks and I’m going to be 32. That is crazy to me. I’ve asked everyone who’s inquired about what I want to get me money – I need new riding boots, and I think I want Ariat tall boots. My first tall boots! I’m sort of stupidly excited.