Weight Loss Wednesday – Week 7

Things I have noticed since beginning the weight loss program:

  • Five inches have disappeared off my waist in the last seven weeks, despite having lost just shy of fifteen pounds. 
  • I fit into clothes I haven’t worn in two years (mostly tops) and they look just as good on me now as they did then, even though I’m still about 25 pounds over my goal weight. Riding is seriously toning my core. 
  • My love for crappy food has stayed the same, but my tolerance for it is lower. For example, I went to the Devon Horse Show over Memorial Day Weekend, and the food options weren’t the best. I’d had my shake and my protein bar, and caved and had ice cream and a slice of pizza at lunch. I’d planned to cheat big and have funnel cake or something for dinner, but I couldn’t stomach the thought of it, so I had a Caesar salad instead. 
  • That said, there are lots of days when all I want is junk food (or more recently, pasta) and the thought of anything I’m allowed to have (especially chicken) makes me want to puke.

This week was kind of a bust – I only registered a loss of 0.2 lbs at weigh-in because I went to Devon and ate pizza and ice cream.

In the interest of posting this in a timely fashion, I’ll hold off on a review of the recipes I’ve tried lately. Also coming is some actual knitting content, I swear. I’ve been knitting…which is why I haven’t been blogging. And pictures of Cinnamon. Gah. 


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