Weight Loss Wednesday – Week 6

Nothing too crazy to report this week. Highlights and lowlights:

  • Had a rough day yesterday, which ended with me getting into it with an already-rude guy at the UPS store who told me I couldn’t pick up Scott’s package because we don’t share a last name, which devolved into, “What happens if I never take his last name?” because I was already feeling antagonistic. Caved and bought a Starbucks, but I only got a grande (not a venti), had it made nonfat, and got sugar-free mocha syrup.
  • Discovered a new dinner option: inside-out chicken cordon bleu. Huge hit with Scott. And I quote: “It doesn’t even feel like I’m on a diet!”
  • That said, I have had several days in the last couple of weeks where I don’t want to look at, think about, or smell chicken. Oh my god. So over the chicken.
  • Final weigh-in for this week: 170.2 lbs, which is apparently 3 lbs down from what I was last week. I’d reported it as 171.2, but I was wrong – I looked at my paperwork, and my last weigh-in was 172.8. All told, I’ve gotten rid of 13 lbs.

Scott and I met with the dietician instead of doing our group class this week. I explained my anxiety and other emotional symptoms, and asked if she thought it was related to the diet. She asked some questions about my history and what’s currently happening and said that she doesn’t feel that it’s related to the program. She thinks what’s probably happening is that because I am, by my own admission, an emotional eater, I may be having to face my anxiety and depression by experiencing it rather than eating it. It doesn’t help me right now, but that explanation does make sense. She wants me to keep an eye on it and she put it in my file to mention to my doctor, so when I come in for my 20-pound follow-up, if it hasn’t improved, we can look at managing my meds.

Goals for next week are to hit the gym at least once a week in addition to my ride. I’d like to eventually work my way up to 3 days, but given that I don’t go at all right now, once is better than nothing. Also, watch this space for actual knitting content – I have thirteen rows and a picot bind-off and the wedding shawl is finished! – and probably a riding lesson recap, or at least some adorable pictures of Cinnabutt.


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Wednesday – Week 6

  1. I so didn’t know you had a blog! Adding you to my feed reader and to the links on my site 🙂

    And, WTF with the guy not letting you pick up Scott’s package? Ugh. I’m sorry you day was rough and I hope your days since then have been better!

    • The blog itself is a relatively new experiment. I kind of missed it, so I thought I’d pick it back up and see what happened. Probably shouldn’t have gotten so snarky with UPS dude, but I was already having A Day and his ‘tude pissed me off. Days have been better since – and tomorrow work lets out 2 hours early for summer hours + long weekend, so you can’t beat that with a stick. 🙂

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