Weight Loss Wednesday – Week 5

Literally nothing of interest happened this week. The big thing was that I did make cauliflower crust pizza, and I think we paid the price for that this week at weigh-in. In the interest of full disclosure, Scott and I both had a falling down last night, to the tune of two slices of pizza each. I’ve been dealing with a very low-grade nauseousness this week, which I don’t think is all diet-related; honestly, I think I’m coming down with something (and no, lest anyone else ask, because the question was already posed by one of my coworkers this morning – I am 110%, unequivocally, entirely certain that I am not pregnant. I am not harboring a fetus, but I may be harboring some sort of germ). But last night, I could not stomach the thought of another salad or another piece of chicken. Couldn’t do it. I was still within my calories and well within my carbs for the day, so I said the hell with it and got some. It was better than vomiting my chicken, and I was pretty sure that was going to happen, because I dry-heaved at the mere thought of poultry.

So final weigh-in this week put me at 171.6 lbs, which is a whopping 1.6 lbs down from last week, and brings my grand total to 10.8 lbs lost. It’s not a big loss, but a loss is a loss. I’m also not entirely certain it’s accurate. I had snarfed my dinner (more chicken. Whee) literally an hour before weigh-in; some weeks I don’t have time to eat beforehand or I drink a shake rather than eating a solid meal because I’m tutoring. I don’t love that we get weighed in the evenings, but the morning group sessions are…well, in the morning, on Wednesdays and Fridays, and I work an hour north of where the clinic is, so it’s just not feasible. When I weigh myself in the morning at home, I’m currently vacillating between 169.8 and 170.2 lbs. Based on my morning weights, I’ve lost closer 14-15 lbs total.

Still,  I think the cheese was the culprit this week, between the fake pizza and the real pizza. I ordered a food scale so I can be more accurate about my portions too (and who am I kidding, so I can weigh yarn). The dietician also gave us a great idea last week, about making a snack of those cute baby bell peppers and one wedge of Laughing Cow spreadable cheese. One wedge of the Laughing Cow is enough to stuff three mini peppers, and the cheese is only 35 calories and 1g carb per wedge. Plus, it’s cheese! This week’s flavor is Asiago and it’s the best thing ever. Pairs really well with the peppers. As a bonus, the peppers are super crunchy, and crunch is something I’ve missed a little on this diet. And guys – the tiny peppers are adorable! They’re colorful! And so wee!

I haven’t scouted any new recipes to try this week, but I’m working on it. In the meantime, stay tuned for a riding post or two – I have a lesson tomorrow and I’ve been trying to write a post since Sunday about my misadventures in boot shopping – and some knitting content.


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