Weight Loss Wednesday – Week 4

Again, nothing to report that was interesting enough for a day-by-day. Here, I’ll give you the highlights and the lowlights:

  • On May 7, we went to my parents’ for a combination birthday and Mother’s Day celebration. I had two meal replacements that day, and then snarfed 3 slices of cheese pizza and a piece of delicious, fudge-y chocolatey cake.
  • Scott and I had headaches within about five minutes of the cake, presumably from the sudden spike in sugar and our bodies going, “WTF is that? Is that a carb? QUICK, DON’T LET IT ESCAPE!”
  • We were both back on the program the next day. I was a little dizzy but ultimately couldn’t tell if it was from a mini-detox or my allergies. I was fine by Tuesday.
  • Even with our little binge on Saturday, I’m still down 3 pounds this week.
  • Final weigh-in: 173.2 lbs, which is 3.4 lbs down from last week and 9.8 lbs total. To be honest, I think my “true” weight is around 171.5, because clinic and weigh-in happen in the evening, but the absolute number of pounds lost should still be the same.

Tonight’s clinic focus was on “Making Vegetables Great Again”. Neither Scott nor I is a big veggie person. I’ll eat salads like nobody’s business, but I had to train myself to like green beans when I started on this diet. I did make Scott some “fauxtatoes” with cauliflower and he actually really likes them. This week I’m going to try cauliflower-crust pizza. I’m also planning to go to the farmer’s market and grab a veggie we haven’t tried before and see how we do. That will be the plan for the foreseeable future: introducing new veggies and trying to create new staples. I’m hoping to use this period on the program to train us into better habits. I’m not saying that I’ll never ever want pasta or pizza or chocolate again because I TOTALLY will. But we need to learn to enjoy other, healthier things to fill our plates so that when we have those things that we love, it doesn’t turn into a major gain.

I’ll update y’all on the cauliflower pizza on Friday. In the meantime, I have to figure out how to rice my head of cauliflower without a food processor. Our ancient one from 1980 (seriously, it was my mother’s and it was almond-colored with fake “wood” paneling) finally bit it, and we’re getting married – I’m not buying a new food processor when my bridal shower is happening sometime in the next few months.

Adventures in food prep, folks.

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