When life hands you lemons, make fauxcchi

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking on this weight loss program, but most of it’s been the same few things: some variation on baked chicken, some variation on crockpot chicken, chili, turkey burgers. After a month, I’m getting pretty sick of the same few things.

There are also some things I miss, like pasta. Low carb pasta doesn’t really exist, though, at least not in a variation that’s allowed on this program. Or so I thought.

Enter Pinterest. I love Pinterest, and one of my favorite things in my pre-weight loss life was pinning recipes and desserts. I’m a passable cook and a decent baker, and I can certainly follow a recipe. I spent some time searching, and found the usual zucchini noodles (which were out because I don’t have a spiralizer) and some products that promised to be low-carb but probably aren’t low-carb enough to be keto. And then there’s this:

Faux keto gnocchi, recipe courtesy of The Primitive Plate

That, friends, is keto faux gnocchi, or “fauxcchi” as I’ve been calling it. It’s literally egg yolks and cheese, with some garlic powder, sauteed in a touch of butter and oil. The recipe can be found here, on The Primitive Plate, and was really fantastic. So fantastic, in fact, that Scott ate about half, and he’s a hugely picky eater.

Speaking of half, the recipe specifies that it makes two servings. I chortled a little when I saw the yield, because come on – I’ve eaten WAY more pasta than that at a go in my day. But about halfway through, I found myself getting incredibly full, and I still had to finish my prosciutto and arugula side salad. All the protein in this recipe really does make you feel full.

This won’t be an everyday meal, partially because of the prep, which is messy and a little time-intensive, although well worth it, and partially because eating two cups of cheese and three egg yolks on the regular seems like a bad idea. But every once in a while, when I’m so sick of eating chicken, this is going to be perfect. I might even put a little pasta sauce on them next time. And the best part? For my one serving, plus the side salad, dinner came out to 488 calories. Not bad!

Stay tuned, guys: one day this weekend I’m trying cauliflower crust pizza.

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