Weight Loss Wednesday – Week 3

I didn’t do a day-by-day this week because there was nothing to report. The adjustment the doctor made (removing a meal replacement and subbing for an additional low carb, high protein meal) completely fixed all of the physical symptoms I was having. I’ve got my brain back, and I’m not any more irritable than usual. The headaches are gone. And I guess my body finally realized I wasn’t trying to kill it, because I’m no longer constantly hungry or thinking about food.

I also lost weight! Final weigh-in: 176.6 (down 3.2 pounds from last week, and 6.4 pounds total. They always weigh us at group, which is at night; in the morning on my scale – which is approximately 1 pound off the scale at the doctor’s – I’m 173). This was WITH me having had two slices of pizza and a Starbucks – grande iced chai, nonfat, two pumps sugar-free mocha – on Monday for my birthday. I’m pretty chuffed.

What’s worked for me this week has been:

  • Keeping my total carbs between 50 and 100. I usually hover somewhere around 60.
  • Keeping my total calories around 1100. This is still a significant deficit from where I was eating, which was around 1500 when I was watching and god knows what when I wasn’t.
  • Eating literally every two hours, from the time I get up until I eat dinner. I make my breakfast – usually mini lemon or orange muffins from my vanilla shake mix – and eat them when I get to work. Somewhere around 8:30, I’ve finished those, and at 10:30 I’ll have a yogurt. At 12:30 I’ll have my low-carb ham sandwich and my protein-y salad; lately I’ve been favoring spring mix with prosciutto and fat-free balsamic. About an hour before I leave work, I’ll have my second meal replacement, and then I’ll eat dinner between 5:30 and 7, depending on when I leave work.
  • Exercising. I get my weekly ride, and starting next week when my work hours return to normal (i.e., I’m not getting home at 6 PM), I’ll probably hit the gym twice a week just to tone.

This is the first week I’ve really felt like I’ve made progress, and the first week where I really felt like I might start to lose for real. I’m betting I won’t see as significant a loss this week because I’m going to have pizza and cake at my mom’s on Saturday, but if I lose 2 pounds instead of 3, I’m okay with that. It’ll stabilize out the following week and I’ll go forward.

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