#fivethingsFriday – Week 3

  1. Overtime sucks and I’m tired of it.
  2. Housework and dieting also suck, and I’m tired of those too.
  3. I did manage to put a heel on a sock this week. That’s about all of the knitting that got done. Because of the way the project at work is scheduled and my new role in it (I’m basically supervising a team of about sixteen people for quality control), I get a half-hour lunch, which is barely enough time to walk to the cafeteria and eat. My work knitting time has vanished.
  4. One of the nose pads on my glasses has mysteriously gone missing. It’s either in/around my bed (from having fallen asleep with my glasses on literally every night this week) or in the arena dirt at the barn from my bail last week.
  5. This morning Meat Loaf’s “I’d Do Anything For Love” popped up on my iPod – the full album version, all twelve minutes of it. I always forget how much I love that song until I hear it out of nowhere. It was my first musical love, and my first single, which I bought on cassette (because I’m that old) for my tenth birthday. That means that as of Monday, I will have loved that song for twenty-two years. Musical loyalty is real. I could almost be a Hufflepuff, except I’m too judgmental.

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