Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 2

April 21 – Day 8: So vanilla shake muffins >>> tomato suck muffins. Made mine this morning with a touch of pumpkin spice and cinnamon. Not bad. Actually tasted like breakfast. The downside of the day was that by 9:30 this morning, I had a headache. Ate a yogurt. Didn’t help. Got a Coke Zero, for caffeine. Didn’t help. Nothing I did helped. I ate every two hours. I even put a little light Caesar dressing on my salad, thinking maybe I just wanted something good. By 2:30, I could tell it was going to be a migraine, and by the time I left work at 4, I had the beginnings of tunnel vision. I came home, emailed the doctor, puked, and slept for three hours. I ate my chili and made Scott dinner, but I can feel it coming back now, right above my left eye. Balls.

April 22 – Day 9: Slept like crap. I was nauseated all night and couldn’t get comfortable. This morning’s breakfast was vanilla-orange shake muffins, and they were pretty good. A little bitter on the finish, but overall not bad. Plus, the vanilla shake makes eight muffins, compared to the Tomato Suck Muffins, which made five. Much better deal. Still had vestigial migraine symptoms (pain over my left eye and slightly darkened edges of vision) which got progressively worse during the day and finally leveled off after I got home and ate some green beans. I swear to god, I need carbs. Green beans are carbs. I think my muscles are crying. I contacted the doctor at the program, and she says that most people adapt after the first week and thinks I may need a more moderate reduced calorie plan – i.e., I need to eat more. I’m trying to schedule an appointment with the dietician to make that happen. I have still lost exactly one pound in total.

April 23 – Day 10: Still not sleeping great. Woke up feeling like my stomach was going to eat itself. Made a batch of panshakes with cinnamon – could have benefitted from syrup, but pretty good overall. Went grocery shopping and felt profoundly nasty and short-tempered. Also felt like I was in a weird fog. Had a headache and was dizzy all morning, but pounded back my lunch shake and went riding anyway, which may have been a mistake. I wasn’t quite myself in the barn; it took me like five goes to put Cinn’s boots on. First half of the lesson wasn’t bad, but I lost it at the canter and essentially did an emergency dismount. It wasn’t a fall, but I wound up on the ground. Went to bed early.

April 24 – Day 11: Oh my god, I feel so awful. I am exhausted and dizzy and hungry and I still have a damn headache. I took a two-hour nap and felt no different after than before. The brain-fog persists. Apparently this is part of a thing called “keto flu” than can happen to people who are heavily carb-dependent when they switch to a low-carb diet, and it can last up to three weeks. By the time the dietitian comes back from vacation and can meet with me, it will have been about three weeks. Bleh.

April 25 – Day 12: Still feeling like ass today. I’m exhausted and irritable. Case in point: I flipped off the scoring program at work today because it told me I’d given a response a discrepant score. On the plus side, I’m not as hungry, so maybe that means I’m coming out of this “keto flu” business? It’s only 1 PM – we’ll see how the day finishes out. (Update: not bad actually. Headache peaceful out around 3, and I went home and did ALL THE MEAL PREP.)

April 26 – Day 13: Uneventful. More energy today. Low grade headache. Not terribly hungry. Today makes me think I could suffer through. Weigh in tomorrow at clinic. 

April 27 – Day 14: And we’re back with the migraines, dizziness, and fatigue. I was super nasty today too. Also some fun hormonal symptoms I won’t get into. Miserable. 

Final Weigh In: 179.8

End of Week Thoughts: So. I was miserable all week for another pound. I can’t. Can’t even. I met with the doctor, who thinks I need to eat more. Instead of three meal replacements and one 350-calorie low carb meal, I now trade one meal replacement for an additional 350-calorie low carb meal. The doctor thinks I’m too active for such a low amount of calories, so we’ll try it and see what happens. Le sigh. 


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