#fivethingsFriday – Week 1

Ohhh I love these. Lists are perfect for the way my brain works.

  1. Oh my god, I am so effing hungry. I’ve just started a new weight loss plan and I am assured that this shall pass. That said, right now, I feel like I could kill a man in cold blood for a pizza. (Update: it’s now 10:15 PM and I’ve eaten some dinner and a yogurt and I’m hungry but not starving. I would now only assault a man for a pizza.)
  2. This morning when I left, I gathered my stuff, yelled a goodbye to Bailey, and walked down the stairs. Or, at least, I started to. I made it down three steps before I heard B say, “Stop!” Turns out I’d forgotten to turn on his light and give him a kiss goodbye. On the one hand, I’m the worst bird-mom ever. On the other hand, my parrot is so smart.
  3. Riding tomorrow! A video about riding lazy or unresponsive horses popped up in my YouTube feed yesterday, and of course I watched it because Cinnamon is both. Feeling armed and ready to make the spotty-butt pony work tomorrow.
  4. The power went out today at work for about 10 minutes. I held my breath and prayed it wouldn’t turn back on. Sadly, it did. I work for one of the largest educational testing companies in the business, and my office is situated on a fairly large campus. We have generators. I’m pretty sure another hurricane could hit and we’d continue to work. I’d rather not test the theory, but it’s a distinct possibility.
  5. My birthday is in about two weeks and I’m going to be 32. That is crazy to me. I’ve asked everyone who’s inquired about what I want to get me money – I need new riding boots, and I think I want Ariat tall boots. My first tall boots! I’m sort of stupidly excited.

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